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Merino Sheep

In an industry steeped in tradition, it can be hard to find a point of difference that sets you apart from your peers. Integrating modern Merino genetic selection with unsurpassed management is the foundation for our large-scale commercial operations and this is the Australian Grazing Company's definitive advantage.

Our Philosophy


This encapsulates us! In order to maintain and/or increase our wool market share versus synthetic competitors, by ensuring our customers (at all levels of the supply chain) understand our product is second to none in the textile industry and that it is ethically & sustainably produced and ultimately this is reflected in what customers are prepared to pay.

Clean, Green Growing Machines

Australian Grazing Company is about running large, commercial sheep grazing properties in different environments across Australia to satisfy the eternal world ‘hunger’ for meat protein and quality fine Merino wool for the elite textile industry.

We capitalise on the clean and green Australian farming environment and strive to seek excellence in every facet of our business from staff, genetics and pastures to profitably and sustainably produce quality end products.

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Merino breeding is our Cornerstone

There is a renowned saying in farming, “Do what you know and do it well”. We know Merinos and for the past 50 years we have been leaders in Merino performance breeding culminating in a productive, profitable, easycare, Superfine-fine Merino. But it doesn’t stop there.

We have continued to break the nexus between low micron and high fleece-weights since our first involvement with the Australian Merino Society (AMS) as a founding Ram Breeding Centre. At its peak in the early 1980’s, AMS had over 1 million breeding ewes contributing to its genetic base and this legacy continues to be expressed in every lamb born on our properties.

We have a passion and belief that Merinos are an authentic dual purpose sheep and have adapted to the abundance of genetic technology, firstly by investing the National Merino select program since its inception. This has allowed us to track the performance of individual animals and replicate the genetic gains that have historically been synonymous in beef and sheep meat breeds.

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